St Brigid’s offers a diverse range of sporting opportunities to our students. Sporting pursuits play a fundamental role in producing balanced and well-rounded students. Such pursuits teach students to appreciate hard work and training, commitment to a team, sportsmanship, dedication to fair play and school spirit.

At St Brigid’s, we conduct our own school carnivals in swimming, cross country and athletics. Students are divided into four colour houses from K to 6 – Kinross (green), Roslyn (red), Tanilba (yellow) and Tomago (blue). Students compete in various events throughout the year and are awarded points for their colour house. Teams are encouraged to show sportsmanship and support their peers by cheering for them as they participate in events.

Our school is part of the ‘Good for Kids’ framework that encourages the use of simple equipment and activities to keep students moving throughout the school day. We also offer a morning sport program throughout the year to promote fun and fitness while developing sporting skills.

Our spacious playgrounds include large grassed areas for games like soccer and cricket, a play equipment space, a sandpit, netball court, numerous handball courts, shaded play areas and ‘loose parts’. Our students have a wide range of choices to keep active on the school grounds.

As a part of the North Region, talented students in Years 4 to 6 are invited to nominate to trial for several representative team sports each year. Students can trial at school, Regional, Diocesan and Polding levels. The students are run through skills and mini-games to display their skills and, if selected, form a team at the next level of representation. Sports include netball, soccer, rugby union, AFL, rugby league, hockey, tennis, softball, basketball and touch football.

Every year, St Brigid’s participates in a few gala days where we enter as many teams as are interested to participate in round robin fixtures. The aim of these days is experience and participation and we encourage everyone to get involved in a fun-filled day. Gala days include netball, soccer, rugby league, and oztag.

As a school, we pride ourselves on the outstanding achievements of our students in a variety of sporting events. Many students excel in their individual and team events, where they can compete and display their skills to the wider community.