St Brigid’s aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. We aim to instil in students the Mercy values that underpin our school Vision and Mission: service, compassion, hospitality, courage, respect, justice. 

School Leaders 

Students from Year 6 all play an important role as school leaders at St Brigid’s. Year 6 students are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful and safe at all times. 

In Term 4, Year 5 students participate in a Leadership Day that provides them with information on: 

  • Year 6 responsibilities and expectations 
  • Effective strategies to assist Kindergarten students and their families in their transition to ‘big school’ 
  • Leadership through service to others.

Some of the leadership opportunities for Year 6 include:

  • Presenting information about school initiatives 
  • Running of school assemblies 
  • Involvement in whole school liturgies 
  • Representing the school at community events e.g. ANZAC Day 
  • Presenting certificates at morning assemblies 
  • Being part of the Junior AECG committee, Aboriginal Education Consultancy Group 
  • Leading our schoolwide sustainability program 
  • Organising and running activities and competitions (e.g. Chess Club)